Thursday, April 22, 2021

Reviews! You Like Me, You Really Like Me :D

With apologies to Barbara Streisand, but I'm feeling like that.  The Kindle Unlimited downloads of Threading the Loom are soaring and enough of you are buying the book for permanent download that I've been able to afford a weekly night out :). Honestly, that means a lot.  

Reminiscent in some ways of the classic Virginia Woolf novel, “Orlando”, “Threading the Loom” by Madison Anderson stands on its own as a very intricate and deft weaving of transitions of almost every type imaginable; a veritable tapestry to behold. Set on a background of merging and fluid historical time periods with wizardry included at no extra charge, it’s about changing gender, about transmogrification and other changes. But it includes so much more. I see this novel as a parable. As much as we strive to preserve the status quo, change is the only constant in life. Therefore, as the saying goes, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” We cannot halt change but we can accept it as it comes. An interesting and otherwise wonderful story to be read and savored.

--Samuel Rafael

(NB Do tell me again how I write like Virginia Woolf :D)

This is a fairy tale but one directed at adults where magic exist and the population turn into animals as the fog descends and become humans when it lifts. Ned becomes Mary and finds a new life and new friends. It's an unusual but enjoyable read

--"Robyn Hoode"

And from Anna na Maus of TransScripts Fiction:

Threading the Loom has one of the most original reasons for a transformation I think I’ve ever come across. Madison has an amazing imagination, but more importantly she has the talent to back it up. Too many times you will come across a great storyline only for it to be let down by poor story writing and weak characters. No such thing here, Madison has a tight storyline and beautifully rounded characters who behave in just the right way.

(full review HERE )

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Threading the Loom is Out on Kindle!

$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers: Click Here to go to Store!

Ned Hasting is a weaver living in a time when coal-powered mills are making his life's work obsolete. After desperation drives him to the life of a highwayman, he stumbles into a fairytale land whose inhabitants become animals for a few days each month. Things are strange enough, but they become stranger when Ned holds up the court wizard. For his efforts, he's transformed into a cow and barely escapes being sent to the local prison dairy farm.

On the run (or perhaps gallop), Ned befriends a young farm couple, formerly American pioneers from the Oregon trail, and a hippie turned tinker turned magpie who tells Ned there's no going home in many ways. Not only can Ned never return to his time, the magics that transform people into animals cause permanent changes. When Ned becomes human again, he'll look very different. For one thing, he'll be a girl.

Ned, now Mary, has to decide upon a course in her new life, while discovering that the seemingly idyllic world has its share of secrets. Will anyone discover her past as both criminal and male? What went on between the local lord and his recently deceased wife? And when will her new friends stop trying to set her up with potential suitors?

At turns both whimsical and philosophical, Threading the Loom examines questions about identity, historical gender roles and what it means to be human. Or perhaps it's just Jane Eyre with talking cows.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

We Apologize for the Interruption


Sorry about the week-long hiatus, everyone!  I will be putting up the last of Sing All the Green Willow on WattPad in the next few days for those who like to read it in that format.  I've also got two finished Magical Transgender novels in the edit phase right now.  So, good things ahead, at least if you like my writing :D

Soooooooooooooooo....I don't talk much about my Real Life because it's secondary to content creation.  You all have lives, too, so you already know about how to put milk on your Cheerios.  I'm sure you'd rather hear about Magical Faeries transforming things.  I know I do.  But there's a reason this week has been quiet.

I came out as a transgender woman to my fiancee last Friday.  She was amazingly supportive, and we're trying our best to stay together as a couple.  We love each other very much, but unlike in all those TG stories where the main character discovers her girlfriend was bi all along, my fiancee is pretty much straight vanilla cis woman.  So, it's been a road.

That said, I'm going to tell you a truth.  I feel freer and more honest with myself and the world than I have ever in my life.  Yes, it's threatening my relationship, but I hope it will make things stronger in the end.  You cannot build a marriage on a lie, and if I hadn't come out, that's what I was going to do.

The closet is no place to live your life.  If you are currently hiding who you are-- whether gay, trans, nonbinary, or smooth jazz fan-- from your family, friends and loved ones, stop.  I know it's hard.  I've cried so much this week.  But you have to.  For you, and for them.  Once the wounds heal, you will be able to live the authentic life you deserve.



Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Man to Mare!

 This is for a future Enchanted Forest story, not involving Willow and gang (although our favorite Dryad will make a guest appearance).  Chris is just a wandering bicyclist between jobs, when he falls in with the centaurs.  He really starts to feel at home...and then he REALLY feels at home.  And some other feelings change as well.  Just another day in the magic woods!

Oh my...

Saturday, March 13, 2021


 Just a bit of fun while I get working on Green Grow the Rushes.  Safe to say, it's not just our rangers and Spring Breakers who will be affected by the magic coming to the Park.  I mean to...milk this story for all it's worth :D

Friday, March 5, 2021

Automatic Trans-Mission

Inspired by a Twitter chat about Procedural Memory (i.e, the memory of how to do things without really thinking).  It comes off as a fairly traditional TG story, actually--  so I guess that trope is out there already :)

Thanks to Liam Slade and Sara James for the inspiration!

With no further ado, here's 1500 odd words of silliness


“I’ve got to cover for you for two weeks?” 


Mike was not happy. Kathy was the office slacker as it was.  She was a cute, bubbly redhead who made you wait in anticipation for the hemlines of Spring.  But she had a work ethic as minimal as the skirt she was wearing.


“I need a vacation bad,” she said.


“Joel’s taking you to some resort, eh?  You think he’s going to propose?”


“That’s the thing.  I need two weeks away from him.  Just to clear my head.”


“Cold feet?”


“You know it.” Kathy sat down on Mike’s desk, swinging her feet.  A stack of possibly important paperwork fell to the ground.  “I just feel as if we’re rushing things. Dating, engagement, marriage, children.”


“You’re pregnant?”


“What?”  Kathy looked horrified.  “God, I hope not.  No, I mean we’re just going through the motions, doing all the things people expect us to.  It’s as if I’m just living automatically.”


“Great.  You need to self-actualize; I get to do all your work in the meantime.”


“Oh, come on.”  She looked thoughtful.  It was a new look for her.  “Listen, I’ll let you house sit for me.”


“Great.  Want me to clean the place?  Got any household repairs you need?”


Kathy waved her hand.  “No need!  Place takes care of itself, really.  You get the run of the place, help yourself to the food and booze.”


Despite himself, Mike was tempted.  Kathy had inherited an incredible Victorian house up in the hills.  No real neighbors, just a few acres of land, garden and an awesome swimming pool.  And right now, Mike could really use a soak in that jacuzzi of hers.


“You can drive my Mustang,” Kathy added.  “I know you love that convertible.”


Mike sighed.  “I do, but I have to be honest.  I suck at driving stick.”


Kathy laughed, waving a dismissive hand.  “I said something like that once, myself.  Just don’t think about it and you’ll be fine.”


The house was beautiful, but Mike was too tired, and it was too dark to notice.  Of course, Kathy had just started an account that he ended up handling.  He’d do the groundwork; she’d swoop back from Barbados and get the credit.  Same thing, different day.  


Kathy had been right about him being able to drive stick.  Mike was way too tired to think, and that made it easier.  He managed to start it up, get on the highway and drive out to the house without even checking his phone for directions.  Life was easier, it seemed, when you were a bit brain dead.


Words that Kathy no doubt lived by.


Feeling as if he’d lived here all his life, Mike waddled through the spacious living room, poured a drink and headed to the jacuzzi.  He flipped on the stereo system, which was set to some pop band.  At this point, he didn’t care.  He stripped down, hopped in and knocked back his drink.


Had he made himself a Cosmopolitan?  Whatever.  He needed another.  


The house was cold, so he grabbed a bathrobe hung next to the pool.  Great.  Of course, it would be pink.  He should have been embarrassed, but hey.  No one was around to see him.  Easier than getting dressed again every time he wanted a drink.  He went on to have several.


One champagne bottle later, Mike was more than ready for sleep.  He didn’t usually drink that much, but it just seemed to happen.  Definitely drunk now, he thought, giggling to himself.


Judging by the pink bedspread and heart shaped pillows, he’d ended up in Kathy’s room.  Wasn’t there some rule about redheads not wearing pink?  Then again, Kathy wasn’t one for rules. 


Mike was lightheaded and tottering by this point.  Something seemed wrong, but he couldn’t put a finger on it.  He brushed his teeth, washed his face and put his hair up before collapsing into Kathy’s bed.


When he woke up and looked in the mirror, he saw Kathy’s twin sister staring back at him.


So that’s was what was wrong.




“Jesus Christ, Kathy!” Mike yelled into her new, pink covered iPhone.  “Why didn’t you tell me your stupid house was cursed?”


“Hey!  You weren’t supposed to sleep in my bed!” Kathy yelled back.  “Oh god, tell me you didn’t use my toothbrush.”


“Who cares about that?”


“You totally did, didn’t you? Ugh.  What were you thinking?”


“I wasn’t, to be honest.  Just seemed to automatically happen.”


“That’s weird.”


“Not as weird as me having breasts and a vagina!”  For fuck's sake.  Mike now had the same stupid bubbly voice as Kathy.


“Calm down, Mike.  Or whatever your name is now.”


Mike grabbed her handbag off the bedroom table and pulled out her wallet.


“Okay,” Mike said.  “First off, I seem to have a purse.  Just seemed to know that.”


“Yeah, the magic is like that.”


“Michelle Coronado.  What the heck?  That’s your last name.”


“Oh my God, really?”  There was a pause.  “Hey, we’re twins now.  Cool, I even have a picture of us together in college.  Not sure what you were thinking with that swimsuit, though.”


“You or me?”


“I assume that I’d be the better dressed one.”


“Unlike you, I wasn’t actually a girl back then.”


Kathy hummed tunelessly.  “Sure, let’s go with that.”


“How about you go get on a plane, come back here and fix things?” Michelle found herself clenching her phone painfully.   “Let me guess, you have no idea how to.”


“I think I’ve got an idea, but I don’t want to deal with this right now.  Just hold tight for a while and we can talk things over when I get back.”


“WHAT?  You want me to stay like this for two whole weeks?”


“Oh, quit whining.  Assuming our periods are synched, you won’t even have to deal with tampons.”


“I’d kill you, but I really would like my balls back first.”


“That’s a girl!  Just do a good job with the Ingersoll account, okay?”


Michelle rummaged around in her purse and found a company ID with her name on it.  It had the same employee number that she’d always had.  So much for getting out of covering for Kathy.


“Fine,” said Michelle.


“Also, don’t even think about looking up Joel.  He’s got a thing for twins.”


“I assure you, the thought never crossed my mind.”





“I told you to stay away from Joel!” Kathy yelled, throwing a heart shaped pillow at Michelle.


“It just happened, okay?”




“I was just out driving, right?  And my thoughts kind of wandered and I ended up at his house.  That’s all.”


Kathy flourished her phone.  “That’s all?  He posted this picture of you two.”


“Got to admit, I look pretty good in that dress.”


Kathy glared a redhead glare.  “You look like a slut, if you ask me.  Seriously, what’s with that cleavage?”


Michelle giggled.  “It’s one of yours.”


“Just didn’t think about wearing it, did you?”  


Michelle shrugged.  “That’s what you kept telling me to do.  I mean, I can’t even get a bra on if I try to think about it.  So, I let myself zone out.  Next thing I know, my hair and makeup were done, and I was driving out to Joel’s in your car.”


“In a slutty cocktail dress.”


“Your dress.”


“And you went out to dinner with my boyfriend!”


“Fiancé, now.”


Kathy screamed.  “Yeah!  About that…”


“Was I supposed to say no?”


 “What were you thinking?”


“Told you,” Michelle said.  “Wasn’t.  Like you suggested.”


“Please God, tell me you didn’t sleep with him.”


Michelle coughed.  “Well, I had already used your toothbrush…”




“I’m sorry I got so mad at you that day,” Kathy said.  “But I had decided to break up with Joel, right?  And then you screwed everything up.  And you screwed him while you were at it.”


Michelle smiled and hugged her.  “Good thing we’re twins.  The Cordova sisters.”


“You’re not going to be a Cordova much longer.  By the way, you look great in white.”


“You make an okay looking maid of honor, yourself.”


“Thanks, sis,” Kathy beamed.  “Hey, not mad at me for not telling you about the curse?  I mean, you ever miss being a guy?”


“Your giving up Joel helped.”


“And my house.”


“And the Mustang,” Michelle said.  "That clinched the deal."


“That was the hardest part,” Kathy said.  “Hey, do you think Joel knows?  You know: that I’m really Kathy and you’re really Michelle?”


“If he does, he never says,” Michelle said.  “Besides, he’s got a thing for twins.”


Kathy rolled her eyes.  “Just glad both of you are so happy.  Makes me feel better I never could reverse the magic.  I really thought that when I returned everything would revert.”


Michelle patted her baby bump.  “Might have had something to do with this kiddo being on their way.”


“Yeah, first swing at the ball and you knocked that one out of the park.”  Kathy shook her head.  “Seriously, why didn’t you use a condom?”


Michelle smiled as the Bridal March started.


“I wasn’t really thinking.”






Saturday, February 27, 2021

Green Grow the Rushes, O!


That's my working title for Book Two.  The 16th century song and the Burns poem both have their meaning with reference to the plot.  Or perhaps, I'm just pretentious :P

Anyway, I'm writing, but also editing.  It's probably going to be a couple of weeks at current rate.  I don't like to just throw a Nanowrimo-esque pile of words out into the wild.  I owe to you lot not to be a complete word slatherer!

In the meantime, I'm playing about with Photoshop.  I find it inspires me for scenes.  This one's a bit of a spoiler, but it's the opening scene. Willow, Willow, Willow, you've been a girl for a day now and this happens?  And yes, that's Lawrence's engagement ring still on.  Jeez, guys.  As your creator, I'm ashamed of you both. A' gae tapsalteerie, indeed.

But gie me a cannie hour at e'en, 
My arms about my dearie, O, 
An' war'ly cares an' war'ly men 
May a' gae tapsalteerie, O! 

Reviews! You Like Me, You Really Like Me :D

With apologies to Barbara Streisand, but I'm feeling like that.  The Kindle Unlimited downloads of Threading the Loom are soaring and en...